??? Conversation, Matters Always… !!!

Maybe succinct that can’t make it happened,
Supplicating at least words should be listened,
The rude words, behaves always make one sicken,
But it doesn’t sense that go and get the weapon…
Something is driving me again to the dark past,
It is unusual and casting me away very-very fast,
Never desired to get strangled by the situations,
Tried to be rational always but proved a bad emission…
Understood by the people was my only desire,
Cursed, blamed but always waiting to get admire,
Expectations, the word, the thing always in use,
So in my case also, it is always making me amuse…
Hovering around the memories that obscured,
But now couldn’t sit craven to get oneself cured,
Need of some words to make things again clear,
Really want to have back that beautiful glare…

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